When a passionate writer bonds with a few respected and talented filmmakers a REVIEWlution is born. Chances are, if you are reading this you are either a movie lover, or in the film industry, so you already know there are endless movie blogs, review sites, and online entertainment magazines successfully sharing their opinions and recent news. Our goal is to take a somewhat different approach. We are personally invited to interview writers, directors, producers, and actors, and exclusively take part in behind-the-scenes happenings on set.  A REVIEWlution is a platform where filmmakers share more of the creative process with fans, and movie lovers gain access to the film-making process. Integrity of our work means everything to us. We are not in business to discuss the latest gossip. Our work here is specific to sharing a more in depth look into films and the creative geniuses behind them.

You will be able to hear directly from the writers and directors, see some behind the scenes footage BEFORE the film releases, check out what happens during post-production, and watch some great interviews happen. Enjoy!