Review: The Theory of Optimal Control

A good short film in my eyes is like a great shot of tequila! Great taste, entertaining with a kick. And, that’s exactly what came to mind with The Theory of Optimal Control, a short film written and directed by USC grad Avi Glick.

In the movie -which is also Avi’s writers debut- we follow Adam a young man, in a dramatic down spiral that takes us to the deepest darkest places of a recently separated man. After Adam has being turned down by his ex-girlfriend Emily when he proposes marriage, Adam feels like he’s losing control. Fantasies of revenge and suicide will overwhelm him. Adam’s theory of optimal control backed up by a myriad of other theories that spawn in order to make order out of chaos, will be challenged by his nutty friend Lilian, who is the epitome of chaotic thinking and the exact opposite of Adam and also by his father who is merely trying to survive his own pathetic love life.  

It all sounds like the setting of a psychological thriller right? But what Avi offers to the viewer is a witty dark comedy with a touch of film noir and exceptional storytelling! As the film progresses we are drawn in a darker, cloudy almost damp Los Angeles that project’s Adam’s inner world. The bad choices Adam makes and the lack of any support by his environment makes this short film funny and unpredictable. 

At this point I would like to comment the product value of the film, great graphics, colors choice, nice music score, witty dialogue and clever edit.  

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