Review – The Purpose of Apples

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Solitude is often what many people seek out during a time of devastation and despair. Yet, the calm and quiet of a strangers voice can be unexpectedly comforting. In the short-drama, The Purpose of Apples, written and directed by Michael Coulombe, Caden wants nothing more than to be alone with his thoughts after a night of wandering around feeling a heavy heart. Before long however, Ethel sits on the bench next to Caden and offers him an apple.  He’s clearly not in any sort of mood to converse with her. Yet, Ethel’s gentle and kind conversation eventually draws Caden in.

There’s a real sweet message in The Purpose of Apples. These two seemingly complete opposite people find comfort in one another as they share their recent experiences of love. Though of different race, age, gender, and marital status, it would appear these two strangers have nothing in common. Love is common. The loss of love, in whatever way that loss may have occurred, is common. Caden presents an opportunity for Ethel to share her loving memories of her beloved Herb and the wonderful years of marriage they shared before his passing. Through Ethel’s stories and some wise advice for Caden, she’s able to support him in the beginnings of moving forward from heartbreak.The beauty of this story is found in the truths that love is universal; and we all have something to offer one another if we allow ourselves the chance to be open to conversation with those around us. We aren’t really all that alone.

“You will hurt again. But you’ll love again too” ~Ethel






Michael Coulombe

Bear Claw Films