Review of Delusion

Christopher Di Nunzio’s Delusion follows Frank Parillo, a salt-of-the-earth widower struggling to come to terms with the suicide of his wife. Three years following her death, Frank receives a posthumous letter from her, dated before her suicide. Played by the stalwart David Graziano, Frank soon falls for a mysterious woman (Jami Tennille) who guides him down a path of confusion and danger. As Frank succumbs to the spectres of his own mortality, his nephew Tommy (Justin Thibault) is the only one who can support him. Blending elements of fantasy, action, thriller, and horror, Delusion is a story that speaks to the greater truths of the power of memory and family.

Di Nunzio is able to accomplish this by imbuing the film with a general sense of unease. Like in life, the viewer really has no idea what will happen next. As Frank puts it, all you can do is live in the moment and enjoy the little things in life. The only constant in the film is the concept of family, as Tommy bookends the story. Di Nunzio seems to be advocating that, even when you think all is lost, family will always be there to support you.

This is a theme that Di Nunzio seems to have taken to heart, surrounding himself with a repertory of actors and filmmakers whom he has worked with on multiple projects. The Director of Photography, Nolan Yee has collaborated with Di Nunzio on multiple projects, as have Graziano, and Thibault. Di Nunzio seems to have a lot of trust in the people he chooses to collaborate with, creating for himself a network of people with whom he can tell stories and create films that leave the viewer unnerved and yet grateful for what they themselves have.

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~ Josh Allen Goldman


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