Review ‘Beauty and the Beast’

We all know the story, and growing up with Belle as my favorite Disney princess, I was cautiously hopeful that the live action remake would at the very least not ruin my love for the story. But as the lights went down, I was completely swept back into my childhood. Despite my original fear that the animated characters looked slightly off in the trailers,  they magically came to life in the theater and the amount of detail dedicated to every aspect of their design is testament to the unparalleled talent behind the scenes of the film’s creation. Emma Watson and Dan Stevens were phenomenal as such iconic roles and gave each respective character a unique twist that adds another dimension to the tale as old as time.

Every aspect of the design, technicality, and writing of this live action Beauty And The Beast holds an unprecedented respect from this unabashed Disney fan. From the costuming, character-building, scene setting, and production design, every detail is filled with a sense of purpose and transcends the audience right in to the action. My absolute favorite parts were threefold. One, the dedication and commitment to staying true to the well-known and beloved story line while also adding a few extra details that weren’t explained to us in the original animated movie. Congratulations to Director Bill Condon for mastering a story that has such high expectations from fans. Two, the music and score by Alan Menken. Sweeping and grandiose, not only was the score impeccable and showcased the classic songs, but there were added numbers and stunning choreography that added a new element of going to a musical theatre. Three, and my absolute favorite part as a writer myself, the writing. Screenwriters Evan Spiliotopoulos and  Stephen Chbosky  were true to the movie, but the sheer number of one-liners, zingers, wit, and humor had the entire theater (and myself)in hysterics. There was actual clapping throughout the theater at the sparking dialogue thrown in. 10 out of 10 stars for me!

By Kirsten Stillman


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