Committed – Review

Committed, written and directed by talented filmmaker Stelana Kliris, takes us on an unlikely and unforgettable road trip through the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, with commitment-phobe George (Orestes Sophocleous) and a wandering helplessly romantic bride (Melia Kreiling) he meets along the way. Committed is a romantic comedy, though in a genre saturated with average films and predictable story lines, Committed is anything but average, and far from predictable. Simply put, this film is gorgeous. It is no surprise as to why it has become a film festival darling throughout the world.

Feeling the pressure to propose to his girlfriend, George finds himself taking a drive, with no real direction, and no idea where the day is going to take him. His need to get away from it all, even if temporarily, lands him driving in unfamiliar territory. Whatever peace he is hoping for is short lived when he stops to help a bride walking along the side of the road. She’s bold, adventurous, and seemingly opposite of the orderly, often uptight George. Once she catches a ride with George, there is never a dull moment, and a surprise at every corner. Actors Orestes Sophocleous and Melia Krieling completely embody George and The Bride. Their performances are fantastic. From the breathtaking landscape, to the strong writing, and the enjoyable performances, Committed keeps the viewer engaged from start to finish. Every scene feels important, as these two characters navigate through their day, there opposing views, and the genuine conversations that feel very much a part of common discussions amongst men and women.

Committed (1)

This story is anything but simple, and Stelana’s ability to create such a unique film with one car ride and two characters is astounding. Committed proves passionate writing and a strong storyline can truly hold the audience’s attention. This film deserves it’s rightful place alongside the best of romantic comedies.

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