City of Lost Souls – Review

The short, City of Lost Souls, is a film that explores the criminal justice system in the city of Baltimore, both from the standpoint of law enforcement, and through the eyes of a criminal. We follow two central characters, ex-con Mikey Wallace and Assistant State’s Attorney Roger Kenfield. Both men are determined to do their part in cleaning up crime in their city. Mikey (Bobby J. Brown), just released from prison is looking to live on the straight and narrow, as he searches for a legit job and cares for his grandmother, whose healthy is deteriorating. As he reconnects with old friends, he’s encouraged to settle back into the comforts of criminal behavior. Attorney Roger Kenfield (Altorro Prince Black),  is fiercely committed to eradicating crime and rejuvenating faith in his city. Initially Roger is faced with a series of temptations that can easily derail his honorable agenda.

Writer/Director Jason Baustin does a fantastic job weaving together the lives of these two seemingly opposite characters, along with the many others who participate in their journey. Just enough back story is introduced so we are up to speed as the story unfolds; the audience isn’t left trying to piece together relevant information while engaged in the current matters at hand. What I appreciate about this film is the relevance to the realities of today’s criminal justice system, and how the choices individuals make on both ends of the law directly impact the level of corruption that exists. City of Lost Souls challenges us to take a deeper look at these choices and who ultimately contributes to the betterment of society. This may have been a short film, however the story could seamlessly translate to a quality TV series and take on a greater scope about the choices these men make and the impact it has on their beloved city.

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