Interview with Director David Rountree

Recently, I had the honor of meeting David Rountree and David Banks at a premier. We were there supporting a friend’s film. After talking about how we “landed” in LA,  missing midwestern hospitality, and my efforts to bribe my neighbors with baked goods to help me shovel out of Wisconsin winter storms, we started talking about our own projects. How fortunate was I to have the opportunity to spend time with both of these incredibly talented men and interview them. A few weeks back David graciously came over and interviewed with me.

This interview is a must watch for any film lover, newbie in the industry, or anyone who loves to hear more about what behind the camera life is like. David also shares exclusive information about a new film he will be directing this fall. This was the first David was able to actually speak about it. And, we are pretty sure a padded room might be involved.


Photography and interview by Michelle Cross, and video editing by Christos Nikolaou

Don’t forget to check out Cut! on Netflix!

David Rountree – IMDb

Cut! Trailer