City Of Lost Souls – Interview

City Of Lost Souls recently premiered in Baltimore and I had a chance to catch up with Jason Baustin the films Writer/Director/ Producer to ask him more about this great short film he created. It was a pleasure screening the film and though I didn’t mention this to Jason yet, I watched it 3 times I enjoyed it so much.

You wrote/directed/and produced City of Lost Souls…can you share what inspired you to create this film?

Jason: “I came up with the concept of the film about a year ago and brought on two other writers to help flush the story out. The criminal justice system was a subject I wanted to explore in a film and I was interested in showcasing the points of view of law enforcement officials and criminals.”

This isn’t about one central character, but two, and we get to see things play out in both their lives. They can’t be more opposite in so many ways. Tell me a little more about how they have come to light? How you developed them.

Jason: “Exactly, I wanted the two main characters to go on opposite journeys and finally meet at the end. A narcissistic Assistant State’s Attorney hellbent on cleaning up the city and a reformed ex-con who tries to lead a straight life. It is interesting to see how their decisions reveal their true nature and who is susceptible to temptation. There is also a large cast of characters who play an important role in the main character’s lives.”

What have been some of the highlights for you in regard to City of Lost Souls?

Jason: “The highlight for me was our premiere in November, we had about 300 attendees at the AFI Silver Theatre in Maryland. As a filmmaker, it is a fantastic feeling to experience your film with an audience and get their feedback. It was actually quite surreal.”

Tell me a bit about the cast.

Jason: “We hired a great ensemble cast, all located in the DC-Maryland-Virginia area. The principal actors were Altorro Prince Black, Bobby J. Brown, Richard Cutting, Johnny Christos, Patricia Mizen, Nikki Estridge, and Johnny Alonso. I actually knew most of the actors personally and was impressed with their talent and ability. We also held auditions for two days and saw over 150 actors.”

What is next for the film?

Jason: “The next step is to submit to film festivals and to continue to generate buzz and awareness. Perhaps the film could get picked up for distribution or turned into a TV series.”

What new project are you currently working on?

Jason: “I have a Sci-Fi proof of concept short film I’d like to develop and shoot in 2015.”

I can’t wait to see what Jason does next!



I’d like to thank Jason for taking the time to chat with me. Please view the trailer of City of Lost Souls Here!

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